Public Transit to Public Lands: The Nature Express

Dr. P.S. Sriraj

Integration of Transportation for Improved Mobility

P.S. Sriraj, PhD
Paul Metaxatos, PhD

A Review Of Capital Improvement Grant Program and the Need For a Uniform Project Selection Process

Dr. P.S. Sriraj

Reducing Commuting-Related Environmental Impacts in the Healthcare Sector: An Exploratory Study

Ning Ai

Analysis of Factors Affecting Truck Parking Violation Frequency in Urban Areas

Kazuya Kawamura, PhD
P.S. Sriraj, PhD

CPS Travel Training Evaluation Project

Eric W. Welch, PhD
P.S. Sriraj, PhD

Catching up to Automated Technology: How DOTs Can Stay Ahead of the Curve For Freight

Robert Ginsburg, Ph.D.
Arin Rubaci Uygur

Results From a Survey of Transportation Professionals Regarding the Return on Investment for Passenger Rail

P.S. Sriraj

Housing-Transportation Cost Trade-off Implications for Urban Sprawl

Dr. Siim Sööt

Chicago-Area Sprawl Revisited: The Role of Demographics, Prosperity and Homeownership with a Note on Sustainability

Dr. Siim Sööt