Public Transit to Public Lands: The Nature Express

Dr. P.S. Sriraj

Integration of Transportation for Improved Mobility

P.S. Sriraj, PhD
Paul Metaxatos, PhD

A Review Of Capital Improvement Grant Program and the Need For a Uniform Project Selection Process

Dr. P.S. Sriraj

Reducing Commuting-Related Environmental Impacts in the Healthcare Sector: An Exploratory Study

Ning Ai

CPS Travel Training Evaluation Project

Eric W. Welch, PhD
P.S. Sriraj, PhD

Catching up to Automated Technology: How DOTs Can Stay Ahead of the Curve For Freight

Robert Ginsburg, Ph.D.
Arin Rubaci Uygur

Results From a Survey of Transportation Professionals Regarding the Return on Investment for Passenger Rail

P.S. Sriraj

Housing-Transportation Cost Trade-off Implications for Urban Sprawl

Dr. Siim Sööt

Chicago-Area Sprawl Revisited: The Role of Demographics, Prosperity and Homeownership with a Note on Sustainability

Dr. Siim Sööt

The Case for Rail Transit Expansion in the Chicago Central Area

Ed Zotti