Alumni Updates 2010-2011

Urban Transportation Center Graduate Assistants 2011

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 Student/Degree — Ethan Halpern-Givens, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Evaluating the Economic Impact of Improvements in Freight Infrastructure: An Input-Output Approach/Dr. Kazuya Kawamura
Employer — Assistant Supervision Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

 Student/Degree — Danielle Inendino, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Staying Connected: Senior Pedestrian Improvement Plan for the 36th Ward/Dr. Kazuya Kawamura
Employer — Legislative Aide, Chicago City Council

 Student/Degree — Meghan Mattingly, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Measuring and Assessing Perceptions fo Success in a Transit Agency Stakeholder Involvement Program/Dr. P.S. Sriraj
Employer — Independent Consultant

 Student/Degree — Daniel Miodonski, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Glenbard Hazardous Walking Conditions Study/Dr. Kazuya Kawamura
Employer — Planner, Sam Schwartz Engineering

 Student/Degree — Minyan Ruan, Ph.D., Civil and Materials Engineering

Thesis/Adviser — Investigation of National and Regional Freight Data Needs and Urban Freight Delivery Patterns/Dr. Jane Lin
Employer — Transportation Modeler, Pima (Arizona) Associations of Governments

 Student/Degree — Jillian Tenebrini, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — An Economic Revitalization Strategy for the Lake Zurich Industrial Park/Dr. Moria Zellner
Employer — Economic Development Assistant, Village of Lake Zurich

 Student/Degree — Nilay Yavuz, Ph.D., Public Administration

Thesis/Adviser — Understanding Citizens’ Adoption of New Technologies Used in Delivery of Public Service and Information/Dr. Eric Welch
Employer — Faculty, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Urban Transportation Center Graduate Assistants 2010

 Student/Degree — Cara Bader, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Evaluating the Value-Chain of Freight Trucking: Industry Cluster Analysis and Field of Influence/Dr. Kazuya Kawamura
Employer — N/A

  Student/Degree — Julianne Burling, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Wyoming and California: Analysis of Urban Policy and Planning in Regards to the Gender Wage Gap in the Worst and Best States/Dr. Brenda Parker
Employer — Economic Development Planner, IDOT Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation

 Student/Degree — Scott Filger, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — A GIS-Based Site Selection for “Wind for Schools” Turbines in Illinois/Dr. P.S. Sriraj
Employer — GIS Consultant, Jones Lang LaSalle

 Student/Degree — Jennifer Hale, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Public Transportation Bus Transfer Center Design: A Best Practices Guide for DPIT Staff and Grantees/Dr. Kheir-Al0Kodmany
Employer — Economic Development Planner, IDOT Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation

 Student/Degree — Sarah Sherburn, MUPP

Thesis/Adviser — Planning for Severe Weather in Public Transit Operations/Dr. Kazuya Kawamura
Employer — Business Analyst, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority